Provably fair casinos

The online bitcoin casinos provide players with a secure gaming experience, a trusted payment system, and the ability to determine if each hand was fair, as well as the ability to withdraw their money quickly. It is possible to achieve this by using the provably fair algorithm, a piece of software based on the blockchain that guarantees that all poker hands or dice rolls are totally fair.

It is for this reason that you will have the safest gambling options on the internet if you choose a provably fair casino where bitcoins can be used to make payments.

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What are provably fair casinos?

Eventually, every casino that is not provably fair will stop operating because it does not provide provably fair games. You shouldn’t trust every site because many aren’t provably fair and manipulate bets’ outcomes. In the simplest way possible, we will explain what the provably fair system is and how it works.

Provably Fair is a term that you hear from time to time, but you’re not sure what it means when it comes to online casinos. Before you start gambling, we will explain everything to you. Most players think they can be cheated in online casinos, and they’re right. An online casino can cheat on you very easily, technically.

There is a solution in the Bitcoin gambling world called “Provably Fair”. With Provably Fair casinos, you can verify each and every bet to ensure it’s not rigged. In the “Provably Fair” system, both casinos and players contribute to number randomization, removing any possibility of cheating.

How do provably fair casinos work?

Before the game begins, the casino sends you an encrypted code called a server seed. Receiving this hash before the game has not started guarantees that the casino cannot manipulate the outcome. However, it must come in an encrypted form so that the player cannot hack it and get an insight into the outcome. Once betting occurs, players can check the server seed to confirm if it remains the same or has been altered. This ensures fairness for its clients.

As well as providing transparency, it gives players the first chance to audit their games. You can now verify the fairness of a game without assuming that the provider holds a specific license or certification. Provable fairness allows you to interrogate the game, creating an environment of trust.

Provably fair Bitcoin casinos

As a result of no trustworthy provider willing to partner with crypto casinos, the future of crypto casinos seemed bleak at first. As a result, crypto casinos would only be able to offer games from smaller software developers who probably didn’t have a big following. The invention of provably fair changed the game. Today, provably fair games have a higher level of trust and loyalty among the crypto community.

A new generation of crypto casinos will be able to offer games without having to worry about getting expensive certifications to guarantee fairness. This will lead to faster innovation, a more loyal clientele, and eventually a new-age gaming revolution.

Regardless of how big a casino or provider is, trust is always a problem. From time to time, a player doubts whether game results in games such as slots are truly random. There is always the possibility that a product has been tampered with. Internet gambling only makes matters worse since fraud is common. Trust in fiat online casinos can be enhanced by ECOGRA, TST, and GLI, but they cannot eliminate doubt as provable fairness does.

The best way to verify an honest gambling site is to see fair gameplay rather than rely on third parties. Casinos with proven fairness make third-party certificates obsolete.


Advantages and disadvantages of playing at provably fair casinos

There are a lot of benefits associated with bitcoin casinos and blockchain poker, such as quick transactions, transparency, etc. It is true that many bitcoin casinos have given bitcoin dice and blockchain poker a new look. However, some would argue that it has taken away some of the excitement. Let’s take a look at some of the pros and cons of bitcoin culture in the gambling world before making your own decision about playing provably fair games.


  • Faster transitions – If luck turns in your favor, you might win a fortune in no time. However, if you play at a traditional online casino, you will need more than luck to withdraw that fortune. The casino usually takes up to a week to transfer winnings into your account, provided they do not stop the transaction due to a fault in your winnings. They will process your payment in a matter of seconds. With Bitcoin casinos, you can transfer funds in a matter of minutes, no matter whether you are receiving or sending payments. All you need to do is link your accounts.

  • Your fund is always safe – The first thing you need to do when you want to play online is to enter your credit or debit card number. Given all the cyber threats that we face today, it can be extremely risky. There is a possibility that the websites will store your data, or a hacker might break into your account. A bitcoin casino doesn’t pose this kind of threat. You just need to link your wallet to your account, and you’re ready to go.

  • Safety – In the world of online casinos, most players prefer to remain anonymous. You need to clear the know your customer (KYC) and other legal requirements before you can begin playing. This process can take a long time, and you might lose interest. You can play right away at many bitcoin casinos in the United States with just an email account and a bitcoin address.

  • Transparency – When it comes to traditional online casinos, which have an edge, there is a saying that says, ‘House always wins.’ Since these casinos operate on private networks, you cannot do much if the casino decides to rob you of your money. However, bitcoin casinos are powered by blockchain that provides a transparent record of transactions that ensures that you will never be cheated.


  • Volatility – Due to the low supply and ever-increasing demand for bitcoins, they experience extreme daily fluctuations in value. Many players prefer to use the money over bitcoins because of their ease of use.

  • Untraceable currency – Bitcoin gambling is a controversial topic because the source of funds cannot be tracked. Some people argue that bitcoin casinos are the most convenient way of laundering money and illegitimate channeling funds. The use of bitcoin has both pros and cons, just as there are two sides to a coin. However, we believe its pros outweigh its cons.

Choosing a provably fair casino

Pro gamblers consider provably fair gambling when choosing a new operator. Many traditional online casinos are going hybrid to host both provably fair and non-provably fair games. Also, tons of new pure provably crypto casinos are appearing every other day. You might get confused about which one to pick. Here’s a guide to finding the best provably fair crypto casino in 2024.

Cryptocurrencies you prefer

Approximately 11,000 digital coins exist today, but you probably know only a few of them. Similarly, you might have a favorite virtual currency, perhaps for its convenience or your interest in crypto. If so, you should choose an operator who supports the cryptocurrency you prefer. Some sites only support one or two major cryptocurrencies, such as ETH and BTC, while others support many.

Cryptocurrencies such as altcoins and cryptocurrencies, in general, are accepted by, for instance.

The security

If you want to engage in 100% unbiased gambling, you need to find a casino that is provably fair. Secure your payment details as well as your gambling account. Remember that a hacker is waiting for an opportunity to steal your personal details or even your payment information. You can’t reverse your crypto once it is lost, so only use licensed providers with SSL-secured websites.

Are you looking for any specific services?

A majority of casinos only offer a few of the available gambling products. It’s up to you which provider is best for you based on the type of player you are. There are some provably fair casinos that specialize in a specific category, such as slots, or sports betting, while others provide a wide range of services. Before you sign up for a live casino provider, make sure they offer what you’re looking for.

Feature additions

As all of us appreciate good things, why not look for other features that will make your gambling experience memorable if there is more than one provably fair casino that impressed you? If you have a losing streak, bonuses can be very helpful. For example, a site that offers a more rewarding VIP program should be at the top of your list. Additional fancy features like auto-betting, leadership boards, and discord communities would add to the fun.

The key takeaway with provably fair casinos

More and more thrill-seeking gamblers are making their way to these casinos to try their luck because of bitcoin’s many benefits. Bitcoin is the new arrival in gambling that has already made its mark.

When you play casino games against the odds and when choosing the casino to play at, regardless of whether you are using a bank account or bitcoins, you are still gambling.

Furthermore, we need to wait and see how governments react to this new culture of bitcoin casinos. Until then, head to one of the few who have already gained licenses.

Provably Fair Casino Games are the Future

There is no doubt that players will be more aware of blockchain technology innovations in the near future and the importance of playing this kind of game as time goes by. This kind of game will have a key role to play in improving trust and transparency in the only casino industry and casino games.


What is a provably fair casino?

The unique feature of Provably Fair Casinos is that they provide game libraries with fairness and transparency.

What is the best way to verify that a casino bet is provably fair?

A casino bet that is provably fair can be verified manually or automatically. For a manual verification, paste the server seed provided by the casino at the end of your bet into a third-party hashing tool. If the outcome does not match the server seed hash they provided initially, the game must be manipulated. Automatic verification is much easier since the operator offers it. Simply click the “verify” button on the game dashboard, and you will get the results right away.

Are provably fair games safe?

As far as safety is concerned, these are certainly the future of trust in casinos. As far as legality is concerned, it depends on different factors, such as a player’s age, location, and jurisdiction.

Are provably fair games only playable with cryptocurrency?

Players can only play them with cryptocurrency. On top of the blockchain benefits, there are the speedy payouts and sending of payments.