Polygon (Matic) gambling sites

Among the newer digital coins stirring the casino industry are the polygon project, originally known as Matic and popular among some as the Ethereum scaling solution. Bitcoin’s predecessors are quickly finding their way into gambling, specifically online casinos.

It is a decentralized app ecosystem that can support a wide array of decentralized apps. As of the time of writing this guide, a very limited number of online casinos currently support polygon gambling, and finding the best polygon casinos will prove challenging.

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How to find the best polygon casinos

For most new players, it may not be so easy to determine which is the best polygon casino. The low number of Matic gambling operators available makes it even more challenging as there are almost zero benchmarks to guide a novice in this course.

However, our readers do not have to worry at all. There are some factors that should be considered when looking for the best polygon casino sites out there. Down below you can read more about these factors.

Variety of casino games

As times have changed, gambling is no longer just about money. Crypto gambling is not complete without fun and thrills too! You don’t want to win big bets, but you want to be entertained. Having a wide range of games to choose from is the only way you can do that in the long run.

As a result, we have included the number of games in all our casino reviews. The best polygon casinos offer a wide variety of games from a variety of top software providers.


Initially, cryptocurrency casinos did not have licenses because they used the decentralization premise. This made sense for a while, but it also led to an increase in the number of fraudulent operators, since it was almost impossible to distinguish legitimate sites from scams, which led to the rise of many fraudulent operators.

Despite the fact that not all of these platforms are scams, there are some aspects of licensing or compliance that need to be considered. Because of this, we never include non-compliant platforms on our list. We only list polygon casinos that have a reputable license like the the license from Malta gaming authority or UKGC.


The reputation of the polygon casino

It’s often said that a good reputation is more valuable than money. In essence, reputation matters more than anything else. It takes many good deeds to establish a good reputation, which means that reputation never lies. The truth about gambling is that many casinos offer polygon gambling games but do not hold a license, aside from numerous fraudulent accusations of fraud.

That is the truth of the matter. To be sure you are gambling in a safe environment and not handing yourself over to a scam site, you should first check with other gamblers about the casino you are choosing.

Read through customer reviews for each Matic casino that you are considering and look out for key points that raise questions in your mind as you go through them. While doing so, you should also be interested in how the respective polygon gambling site’s support department handles complaints raised by players on third-party review websites.

A reputable Matic operator should go the extra mile to respond to complaints on any respected third-party review site like Trust Pilot and even attempt to help the customer find a solution to the issue.

You will want to check the overall rating on many platforms, customer feedback, compliments, and how the support department handles complaints in order to get an idea of how the company is doing.

Restricted countries

It is possible that you will not be able to play polygon casino games on specific sites due to geo-restrictions, which are determined by regional laws as to which sites can operate within their jurisdictions.

As a result of this, some of the best Matic betting sites may be restricted in some countries and authorized in others. You should never join a casino if it is illegal in your country. Some players use VPNs in such cases, but we do not recommend that you do so.

In order to find out if a casino is authorized to provide services in your area, you should always chat with their support team or contact them by email.

Typically, a polygon casino will not accept registrations from members of certain regions, but this is not always the case, which means you could sign up and add funds only to run into trouble later.

Polygon casino support

In the event that you place a bet and your money is deducted, but your platform does not display your wager, then there is no way to make you feel good. Despite the glamor, if you can’t resolve this issue, no amount of glamor will make you feel good.

That is why you need to choose platforms that are capable of providing fast and effective customer care. We tend to like it when operators offer a 24/7 live chat feature, an email address, a customer service line, and an FAQ section that contains information that is helpful.

This is not to imply that gambling providers without these features offer poor customer service. What really matters is the quality and speed with which customer service is delivered.

Try sending an email to the customer care department before signing up and see how fast a response you get. In order to find out how detailed the answers are and whether or not the answers are kind, you should analyze the answers you receive.

Payment methods

The key to successful gambling is the ability to transact. Therefore, banking is an important factor to keep in mind. You need to consider the payment options, the speed of the transactions, and the costs involved.

A lot of crypto casinos, for example, do not allow FIAT deposits, so your search may take longer if you are looking for a polygon site that does allow FIAT deposits. In addition, you also need to keep in mind that every expense you incur will directly affect your profits or losses.

Also, some casinos charge a fee for every deposit and withdrawal, while others do not charge a fee for every deposit and withdrawal. The difference between players who use these platforms is information.

There is no reason you should pay for every transaction when some equally good operators allow you to transfer money without any fees at all. You should also consider how fast you plan to spend your money after winning a bet. The speed of the transaction is crucial. You do not want to wait for days for your money to arrive.

As a gambler, you naturally want to spend your profit when you are still feeling the excitement of winning.

Bonuses at polygon casinos

As a gambler, you should be aware of the fact that crypto casinos often offer bonuses and promos to attract players. Some providers offer insanely satisfying bonuses and promos, while others offer simple ones.

If you’re a gambler, you need to realize that anything that can boost your chances of winning is important to you. In this case, you want to sign up with a provider with the most attractive promotions and bonuses from your list of the best polygon sites. Do not just focus on the size of the bonus. There are restrictions associated with these offers.

For instance, if you were to have a $400 bonus with a 20x wagering requirement and a 35-day expiration date, it would be much better than a $2000 bonus with a 40x wagering requirement and a 7-day expiration date.

Pros and cons with Matic network casinos

There are two sides to every coin, so Polygon gamblers use Matic for all of their transactions. It’s an Ethereum-based token that powers Polygon’s scaling capability. Therefore, developers who use the Polygon network to scale up dApps that were not possible on Ethereum earn Matic tokens.

As well as playing and receiving rewards in Matic tokens, Polygon gamblers also play and receive rewards in Matic tokens. So what are the pros and cons of using Matic for gambling? Of course, every coin has a double-sided sword. So let’s take a closer look.

Pros with polygon gambling sites

  • Effortless – The cost of transactions is a major factor in determining whether you make a profit or lose a loss as we have already discussed. However, unlike Ethereum, betting with Matic is relatively cheap and affordable. There is a negligible network fee, usually between $0.0005 and $0.2, and this is also cheaper than the traditional methods such as credit or debit cards that charge at least 3% per transaction.

  • Proof of stake mechanism – Unlike Bitcoin and Ethereum, Polygon is a proof-of-stake blockchain. Proof of stake is faster and cheaper than bitcoin, and it allows users to earn additional income by staking their coins. Matic gamblers, for example, can stake their idle capacity and earn over 10% interest on top of the winnings they secure from gambling if they stake their idle capacity.

  • Fast transactions – In terms of speed, Ethereum can only perform 30 transactions per second. In spite of the fact that even newer coins like ADA are limited to 250 transactions per second, Matic users can take advantage of cutting-edge speeds with the polygon network handling up to 65,000 transactions per second. With future upgrades, this number will be scaled up to millions of transactions per second. Thus, Matic users can make instant deposits or withdrawals whether they are funding their accounts or withdrawing profits.

Cons with polygon gambling sites

  • The competition – It is important to keep in mind that MATIC is facing strong competition from Chainlink and Polkadot, both of which have better scalability than Polygon. The cryptocurrency market is already overloaded and you should rethink your investment strategy.

  • Volatility – As a volatile cryptocurrency, Polygon can become worthless very quickly, which is why keeping your MATIC winnings is not a wise decision. MATIC is influenced by sudden market changes, so remaining vigilant is very important.


How trustworthy are polygon casinos?

We are aware of the fact that trust has always been a major issue in the world of gambling. In fact, it is one of the key factors we consider when searching for the best Matic casinos. Manipulation of gambling providers was rampant in the beginning.

It was always the house’s intention to avoid making large payments by manipulating the outcome of the games so that the players lost their bets, which is something that gravely damaged the trust between players and casinos.

The issue of trust is much more acute when it comes to online betting and casino since you will have to send money to a site you have found online and you may never be able to visit the office in person.

The truth is that you won’t miss a few rogue providers targeting ignorant gamblers. The good news is that if you follow all of our advice, you will not have any chance of getting scammed by these providers. The reason licensed providers are so genuine is that they have to abide by the terms of their license; otherwise, they can get penalized.

Moreover, if you play games that are provably fair in polygon casinos, you can verify the outcome of the games.

Of course, not all games have this feature. However, if you join one of our recommended casinos, you will be able to play audited games from the best and most trusted software providers, and you won’t have to worry about dishonesty at any of these casinos.

Why you should play at polygon crypto betting sites and casinos

Down below we have listed some reasons why we think it’s a good idea to play at polygon casinos and sports betting sites.

Modern casino sites

It is important to remember that cryptocurrencies are a result of innovation, which is why crypto enthusiasts adhere to the same philosophy of unbridled creativity in all fields. FIAT casinos are still dominated by classic gambling games that have become rather boring and out of style over the years.

The players of Matic casinos have the opportunity to wager on both traditional and highly immersive futuristic games that are engaging and exciting to play. A sleek website with a modern look is another advantage of crypto operators.

In spite of the fact that aesthetics aren’t a major factor in whether you’ll win a game, they provide a better user experience. Just like driving a Ferrari feels better than driving a utility car, yet they both serve the same purpose.

The inflation

Inflation rates are at their highest since the 2008 recession. If you hold your savings in FIAT, you are at risk of losing a large chunk of your money as the purchasing power of your money shrinks.

While Matic is just as volatile as any other digital coin, investors can take advantage of bull runs, which are common in the crypto industry, as a hedge against inflation, while at the same time benefiting from the price decline.

No dependence on traditional banks

It is common for banks to stop or block transactions once they know that you are a gambler, and you might need to follow an elaborate process to send your money to a casino. Sometimes, you will have tight transaction limits.

The worst thing is that if they know you gamble, they might deny you any loans or even mortgages in the future. The best thing about using Matic to gamble at crypto casinos is that you will be able to keep your betting activities private and away from banks.

Due to the fact that Matic casinos do not ask for a lot of your private information, unlike traditional casinos, this means that you can wager almost pseudonymously with Matic casinos.

How to find out if a polygon casino supports your country

It has already been mentioned that gambling is governed by the laws and regulations of different countries. Each region establishes different policies that must be met by a gambling provider before they may be permitted to operate.

It is possible that some of the polygon casinos that are catching your attention online may not be able to serve you due to your geographical location. Using the best polygon casinos does not pose any problems in this regard, since they might not even let you sign up from a country that is on their restricted list.

Although many rogue operators offer gambling services even in countries where they are permitted to do so, they aggressively promote their brands. It is important to understand that the operator may require KYC details when you decide to withdraw your profits.

The danger here is that you may enjoy betting and accumulating your profits, but trouble arises when you decide to withdraw your profits. The operator may request KYC details or may simply lock your account, taking all of your earnings and capital out.

When you invest in more decent operators, you may be able to withdraw only a portion of your investment, but all your gains will remain confiscated regardless. That is why we recommend our readers to always check the list of restricted countries before signing up with any casino.

It is possible for you to get a list of restricted countries by jumping on a live chat and asking the support agent if you cannot find it. Create an account only if your region is not on the list of prohibited countries.

How to set up Metamask to play on the Polygon Network

Here are the steps you need to follow in order to set up Metamask in order to play on a Polygon Network Casino. Metamask is one of the best wallets that you can use to play on a Polygon Network Casino, both in terms of ease of setup and compatibility.

  1. Metamask is a popular web browser (plugin) crypto wallet that works with Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Brave. Select a browser of your choice.

  2. For download and installation, open your browser, then go to https://metamask.io/.

  3. You can set up a new wallet with Metamask or import an existing wallet into your selected browser. If you don’t already have a wallet, continue setting it up as a new wallet. Create a username and create password. Read the terms and conditions and agree, then click “Create.”

  4. You’ll be presented with 12 phrases. These are your private keys. Write them down and store them safely, as they are the only proof that you are the legitimate owner of the wallet.

  5. The confirmation page will appear after you have backed up your secret words. You will be taken to a “Congratulations” page which welcomes you to Metamask.


Metamask Connection to Polygon Network

It is now time to connect your Metamask wallet to the polygon network in order to get started playing. After setting up your Metamask wallet, it is time to connect it to the polygon network.

There are various ways to do that, but we recommend adding a polygon network via Metamask as it is straightforward, and you do not need any technical knowledge to do so. Here are the steps:

  1. Use your Metamask wallet to run the browser.

  2. Log in to your Metamask wallet.

  3. Click “Add Network”

  4. In the search bar, type “Polygon Network”

  5. To add Polygon to Metamask, click “Add to Metamask.”

  6. Metamask will automatically add the network to your account.


Conclusion of online gambling at polygon casinos

In 2013 and 2014, bitcoin became the first digital currency to enter the online gambling market. Casinos adopted digital currency in a pilot program in order to see if the concept would appeal to gamblers.

There was a sudden increase in the demand for digital coin wagering in the crypto gambling community, however, that didn’t take long to come about. This explains why many newer coins have found their way into online operators over time.

Even though the competition is fierce, there is a very dedicated community of enthusiasts for each virtual currency that drives its demand.

There is no doubt that polygon casinos are still a relatively new concept among gamblers, but it is unlikely that this will last for long. With its scalability, speed, and transaction cost, Polygon betting is expected to become mainstream sooner than later.

If you are thinking about trying Matic gambling, why not give it a try? Cryptocurrencies can have wild volatility, so be sure that you invest only in what you can afford to lose.